New Hope Preschool and Education Center (NHP) is a non-profit, Christian-based Preschool and Education Center that was established as an extension of New Hope Church and will serve to further the Church’s mission as an outreach to a larger community.  NHP is committed to providing a safe, healthy, happy atmosphere for each child in our care.  Each child is treated as a gift and unique creation made by God.

The developmental program is based on the assumption that children’s growth builds from stage to stage.  NHP will assist each child’s development by planning activities that will nurture and facilitate optimal growth during each individual stage.  NHP will provide opportunities for the child to make choices, experience success, problem solve and be creative through a variety of mediums.  NHP continuously strives to provide a high quality academic education. The program meets state licensing requirements under the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (ODJFS).  NHP also follows the Ohio Department of Education standards and is committed to exceeding these requirements.

The staff at NHP attends seminars and in-service training sessions throughout the year.  At least half of our staff has degrees in Early Childhood or a related field.  The teachers are certified in CPR, First Aid, Child Abuse, and Communicable Diseases.