3 Year Old Program

Requirements:  Must be 3 by September 30

Expectations:  The children must be toilet trained and able to complete bathroom needs on their own.

Ratios: Ohio Job and Family Services allows for a 1 teacher to 12 students ratio, however we will maintain a ratio of 2 teachers to 12 students.  This allows for quality programming and ensures the children’s sense of safety and security within the classroom.

Curriculum:  The goal of our program is to meet the Ohio Preschool Standards that are set by the state, and we use Creative Curriculum as a guide.   Our highly qualified teaching staff plans activities based on the interests and needs of the children.

We offer morning classes two days a week from 9:00-11:30.

Program Description

  • To ask questions and to explore their environment.
  • Express themselves through art, science, creative play, language, and large motor experiences.
  • To take turns and share space.
  • To begin parallel play.
  • To follow simple directions.
  • To participate in small and large group activities.
  • To use words to solve problems.
  • To be introduced to upper case letters.
  • To recognize the letters of their name.
  • To be exposed to counting and number recognition.
  • To name colors and shapes, sort and classify objects.
  • To focus on beginning classroom skills, cognitive skills, large motor and fine motor skills.
  • To participate in Bible Class every other week.
  • To attend Music class every other week.