Learn with Me

Requirements: Children must be 2-years-old and a caregiver must attend the program with them.

Ratios: Ohio Job and Family Services allow for a 1 teacher to 6 students.  We will accept 6 children with an adult into this program.  This allows for quality programming and ensures the children’s sense of safety and security within the classroom.

We offer a morning class once a week from 11:45-12:45.

Program Description

While accompanied by a caregiver, your toddler is introduced to education through a variety of exciting and stimulating activities.  Each 60-minute session has a theme that is carried through circle time, songs, motor development, story time, arts, and crafts.  The framework of this class is to provide a consistent and predictable experience in which your child can learn to follow directions, listen to a teacher, play cooperatively with other children, and learn how to share and take turns.  Children quickly learn what is expected of them and grow in independence and self-esteem.  Parents have the opportunity to observe the child and his/her reactions to the structure, other children and adults, and various art and play media.  We play with a purpose.  The curriculum is based on developmentally appropriate practice and emphasizes the value of learning through play.