4.5/5 Year Old Program

Requirements:  Must be 4 by (May 30)

Suggested Prerequisite:  previous preschool experience

Ratios:  Ohio Job and Family Services allows for 1 teacher to 14 students ratio

We will maintain a ratio of 2 teachers with 14 students

This allows for quality programming and ensures the children’s sense of safety and security within the classroom.

We offer 4 day morning classes from 9:00-11:30 or afternoon 12:30-3:00

Curriculum:  All of our programs use Creative Curriculum as a guide.  The goal of our program is to meet the Ohio Preschool Standards that are set by the state.  Our highly qualified teaching staff plans activities based on the interest and needs of the children.

Program Description:

  • This program is designed to prepare children for Kindergarten.
  • Reading skills; letter recognition (upper and lower case), letter sounds, and exposure to site words.
  • Math skills; number recognition and number concepts, counting, sorting, classifying and matching activities.
  • Scientific exploration through hands on experiences.
  • Children will learn addresses and phone #’s.
  • They will begin expressing their thoughts and writing skills through journal writing.
  • Rhyming words.
  • Story comprehension and sequencing events
  • Children are able to express themselves through building, art, language, large muscle time and dramatic play.
  • The classroom will provide experiences for cooperative play and problem solving.
  • Continue to work on independence.
  • Children will participate and learn Bible stories.
  • Children will participate and learn basic musical concepts.