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Parent Feedback

Word on the Street

“We are so happy we decided to make a switch and try New Hope …wish my older son could have had the same experience! I am confident Coen will be ready for Kindergarten next year thanks to this wonderful school and staff. Thank you all!” - Erica

“The perfect preschool for Powell residents.” - Gina

“The individual time and attention given to Lucas by both of his teachers is greatly appreciated!” - Victoria

“My expectations for New Hope’s kindergarten program have been blown away. My son who has been frustrated with speech and language issues is now reading on his own with confidence. He is so excited about learning! If you are looking for a nurturing and spiritual learning environment that will teach your child independence and further their scientific, creative, and mathematical mind, New Hope’s full-day kindergarten program is key.” - Heather

“New Hope is a gift to our family. We have enjoyed watching our children grow and grow to love school. Thank you for developing such a great program!”  - Parent

"Our oldest daughter, Addie, was in Mrs. Reville’s first Kindergarten class at New Hope. Now our second daughter, Quinn, is in the class this year. We’ve never had a doubt in our mind that this is where they should be! They are taught so well and most importantly loved so well. To drop your child off and feel 100% at peace is priceless!" - The Lee Family 

"This has been a great year for our son. We chose New Hope Kindergarten because we wanted a more consistent schedule and smaller class size. When I first met Mrs. Reville and she shared details about the program, she impressed me, but she also continues to impress me. She truly loves her students and gives such special attention to each one. We already plan to send his brother through the program, too!"  - Christina

"New Hope Kindergarten has provided an wonderful all day experience, where our child had more individualized attention then she would receive at a public school to transition to the elementary system.  The teachers are kind, strong and caring creating a wonderful learning environment."  - Nichole

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